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Build Your Mascot Costumes

Whether for a professional or private event, the disguise mascot is ideal to surprise young and old. Taking the form of an animal or a famous character, it completely covers the body and makes the wearer unrecognizable. It is easy to slip on and usually has a zipper, slippers and a mask. It can be used for a costume birthday, a street marketing operation, a stag or hen party, the mascot is offered in one size. Large, it is suitable for all body types. Perfect for winter, the penguin model can animate a stand of seafood or go to a party on the theme of animals. Timeless, the mascot rabbit is synonymous with joy, sweetness and good mood. Ideal for Easter, it is also suitable for a costume party or an animation with children. It is quite rare to find a cheap mascot so enjoy the prices www.mascotsmall.com and indulge in buying the mascot costume of your dreams.

Using a mascot to promote your business,team or event is a smart and innovative way to get noticed.
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